Teach What You Tolerate

We’re business people, communication is at the core of our livelihoods – we all recognize this yet so many of us let things slide because we’re afraid of offending someone or are concerned how it will impact our business and/or professional relationship(s). Now, I’m not suggesting you make a major production of every little thing; but speak up when something bothers you. Otherwise you have nobody to blame but yourself when the behavior continues. The individual is most likely not doing it to be malicious, and if you ask them to stop more than likely they won’t even realize they’d been doing it. They will appreciate your honesty and you may be helping them avoid issues down the line.

For example – somebody is “always” 5 – 10 minutes late, it’s just “who they are”. The message they could be sending is “you’re not important to me”; not the brand professionals want to have. If you take this person to the side after the meeting and suggest a solution – set your watch ahead by 15 minutes, give yourself more time between appointments, etc… Always have solutions, it shows you have their best interest in mind.


Author: Eric Jorgensen

I am a retired, widowed, disabled veteran who has a son on the Autism spectrum. I have learned, and accepted, I am owed nothing. I'm a proponent for people taking responsibility for their own actions, and making changes to their circumstances if they're not happy. My mission is to help people help themselves, by raising awareness of resources available, pointing them in the right direction; and being a coach, mentor, cheerleader. I've founded the Christine Jorgensen Foundation - which will pay for therapies (speech, physical, occupational, etc...) for those that have been declined by insurance or need more than approved for - on a referral only basis; and Special Needs Navigator - a for profit company to help individuals and families find their way through the disability resources labyrinth.

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