Madison House Autism Foundation

Madison House Autism Foundation (“Madison House”) was founded to help families give their sons and daughters with Autism opportunities to live independently, or as independently as possible, upon transitioning from High School. They recognize the lack of services currently available to individuals with Autism after the supports provided during the school years have been removed; and are working with communities to create natural support networks. To name just a few of the ways they are doing this: through supporting/promoting public policy, training first responders and partnering with other, like-minded organizations.

Who They Are 


Madison House Autism Foundation was founded in 2007 by JaLynn and Gregory Prince, and named for their son Madison. Rather than try to tell their story for them, follow this link: How We Began

What They Do 

Where to begin?! they offer a host of resources on their website – including links for housing, medical and jobs (and much, much more)! Their housing programs include Madison Fields; envisioned as an “agrihood” found on a 400-acre farm complete with a barn and fields for hippotherapy (therapeutic horse-back riding).

The Medical tab takes you to another page, with a video interview of a physician (Faith Frankel, MD) and links to yet even more resources. If you’re still not convinced you need to at least learn more about Madison Fields, consider how few resources there are for parents like you and me, who either have or will have, adult children on the Autism Spectrum. Autism is not a disease, and there are no factors affecting mortality – so our children can fully expect to live a long life – how full and enriching of a life is in a large part up to us as parents.


What Else Should I Know

I love how much information Madison House was able, and willing, to aggregate and share. There are no requirements to become a “member”, everything is open-sourced with links addressing the questions I often find myself dwelling on, and I’m sure I’m not the only parent doing so. Questions like “What are my adult child’s employment options?” and “How will we pay for our adult child’s everyday living and service needs?


I am not an employee of Madison House Autism Foundation and any errors noted are my own. If I have misrepresented, or misstated anything please provide constructive feedback so I may make the appropriate change(s). I’m doing my best to continue posting about one organization a month, using information and notes I took when I met with them – as well as additional research I completed online. The featured image is a picture I took while visiting Madison Fields. All opinions and views are my own.


Author: Eric Jorgensen

I am a retired, widowed, disabled veteran who has a son on the Autism spectrum. I have learned, and accepted, I am owed nothing. I'm a proponent for people taking responsibility for their own actions, and making changes to their circumstances if they're not happy. My mission is to help people help themselves, by raising awareness of resources available, pointing them in the right direction; and being a coach, mentor, cheerleader. I've founded the Christine Jorgensen Foundation - which will pay for therapies (speech, physical, occupational, etc...) for those that have been declined by insurance or need more than approved for - on a referral only basis; and Special Needs Navigator - a for profit company to help individuals and families find their way through the disability resources labyrinth.

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